Senior banners are a great way to show school pride and pride in your student athlete, musician, or whatever talent you wish to celebrate! Our banners are made with premium 13oz banner scrim, finished with hems and grommets.  Our graphic design department will design your team's senior banners and customize each student with their name, number and year of graduation.  (Typically, the senior banners are for seniors and are displayed during their sporting or concert events.)  The cost of our banners when ordered with your team are only $40 each for an order of 5 or more ($50 each for under 5) for a 36" x 60" banner designed for each player. If ordering individual banners, please call us for pricing. **When ordering any Olentangy High School pride signs, grad banners, team banners, athletic banners & house banners you will need to visit the website Thanks!

To order your athletic senior banners, please email with the number of banners you wish to order, the names and numbers of all the athletes, and the contact information for the person in charge of the project.  Upload your pictures** to our FTP  (Art Upload)  or email your pictures to PLEASE AVOID SHOOTING ON BRICK. If you want a custom design, solid backgrounds are best. We will design one proof to closely match the sport of the athletes and any design requirements you may have.  Once the design proof is approved, we will lay out all the players on that template, and send out another proof for name and number checking.  Once approved, the banners will be printed and finished within three business days of proof approval.   **Please note, we do not take pictures.  Kindly make sure that your pictures are high resolution pictures, preferably at least 5mb per student.  Anything under that requirement affects the output of your banner.  As a rule of thumb, if the picture looks blurry and dull on your end, it will look that way on our end.

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**Kindly note:  There is a $10 picture changeout fee (per picture) if you have submitted a picture and then wish to change it.

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celebrate your student's Athletic, music, OR TECHNOLOGICAL accomplishments with a custom banner!